Hands-on repair projects in one box

Our subscription kits teach key science, technology, and repair skills. By tinkering with new gadgets every month, children get hands-on with a wide range of technologies, repairs, and tools.

What is included in a Team Repair kit?

Repair activity

From diagnosing faults to rebuilding gadgets, our repair activities let kids get into the engineering mindset!


Within each repair, there are experiments that let them interact creatively with components and problem-solve.

Bonus Challenges

Once the repair is done, there are bonus science, design, and sustainability challenges to build creativity and curiosity.

Build repair skills & science curiosity, powered by our app

Each kit is paired with a dedicated programme on the Team Repair app, teaching fixers science and technology concepts, and guiding them through repairs.

Get guided through the repair
See how to use tools
Learn science with interactive content
Test your knowledge
Explore bonus challenges
Earn trophies and badges

A surprise gadget every month! Here’s a peek...

Pocket Microscope

I spy with my little eye... a broken microscope! Explore the wacky science of optics and complete the repair so you can explore the world around you.

Retro Games Console

Level up and repair a games console! Discover the world of circuits and electricity and fix this retro gadget to unlock some old-school video games.

Remote Control Car

Ready, steady, fix! Investigate some faulty mechanics and fix up this RC car so that you can complete our racing challenges.

Sparking children’s confidence and curiosity!

“I felt like a real engineer!”

“I can’t believe I made a functioning thing, I love the experience, it is so satisfying. It’s fun and you get to feel so proud of yourself! Initially I didn’t think it was possible, but suddenly it all clicked and worked!”

“Today, you saved me £25 because I used the skills your product taught me to fix my calculator instead of buy a new one - and I succeeded! It was a great feeling and it made me want to repair more stuff in the future.”

“I like that you can dissect and look at different parts and then put it back together.”

“Today’s lesson was amazing! I learned how to work with technology and how you can fix it. I would definitely use this when something is broken.”

"Who knew fixing gadgets could be so fun and rewarding! My favourite was repairing the remote controlled car."

We are launching soon!

You will be able to preorder our kits from September onwards. Sign up below if you would like to be the first to know when we go live, to take advantage of our limited Earlybird offers!


What if I get stuck?

Our app is filled with hints at every step and video walkthroughs in case you need a helping hand! If you get really stuck, we also have our Fixers’ Hotline, where you can reach us via phone or email during working hours.

What comes in a kit?

Each kit comes with a gadget in need of fixing, along with all the spare parts and tools needed to complete the repair. Each kit also has an accompanying app to guide you through the repair activity, which is filled with further bonus challenges and STEM, repair, and sustainability educational content.

How does returning the kit work?

Each kit is sent back to us after a month so that we can re-service it and send it off to someone else, meaning everything gets reused over and over again! We include a return postage label, so once the month is up, all you have to do is drop off the parcel at your local parcel shop.

How long is the repair activity?

Each kit has a core activity that lasts 1-2 hours. Once the core repair is completed, there are hours of bonus challenges you can complete!

How did we design our programme?

Team Repair was founded by Design Engineers, and the programme was created from our own experiences of what got us into science and tech - which was getting hands-on with real products and taking them apart when we were younger! We  also designed this hand in hand with educators, parents, and of course, children, to create the best possible experience!

What science topics do you teach?

Each kit is aligned with different KS2/KS3 curriculum STEM topics such as circuits, batteries, motors, gears, and electricity. Alongside this, we also aim to provide education around different sustainability topics, as well as core repair skills.

More questions?

Ask us anything at hello@team.repair and we will get back to you as soon as possible.