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Discover our range of classroom packs, rethinking science, tech, and sustainability education through repair!

3+ hours of activities per gadget!

Repair activity

From diagnosing faults to rebuilding gadgets, our repair activities let kids get into the engineering mindset!


Experiments integrated into the repairs let students interact creatively with components and problem-solve.

Bonus Challenges

Each repair contains science, design, and sustainability challenges to build students’ creativity and curiosity.

Integrate our programme seamlessly into your lessons

Each of our gadget repairs covers different Science and Design & Technology curriculum topics, from circuits and optics, to energy generation and wireless communication, to manufacturing methods and material types!

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pack offers

Standard £25/kit

e.g. Get a pack of 15 kits for a class of 30 to complete in pairs.

Orders of 45+ £20/kit

e.g. Get 3 different packs of 15 kits for a class

Orders of 90+ £16/kit

e.g. Get 6 packs of 15 kits for multiple classes






Our 12 week programme will take students from first-time fixers to tech wizards, perfect for completion across a school term. This covers 4 different gadget repairs across 12 sessions, for a class of 30 students.

All-in-one package, easy for teachers.

“None of us has a background in tech or electronics, but the guides were straightforward to follow. It was the highlight of our week for some of the students and we would love to do more of this.”

Cerys Evans, Careers Leader at Meadowhead School Academy Trust

Want to make a difference?

We are looking for organisations to partner with, to help sponsor our waitlist of underfunded schools. Get in touch at!

Above and beyond the curriculum

“This project was incredibly engaging for our pupils. A brilliant, authentic and meaningful learning opportunity. Many aspects of the curriculum are covered whilst further skills such as problem solving and collaboration are developed.”

Nansi Lambert, Deputy Headteacher, Sofrydd Primary School

Case Studies


Fulford School integrated our Retro Console repair kits into their weekly STEM club for their Year 7s!

Enrichment Class

Riddlesden St Mary’s completed our 12-week programme in their Year 6’s weekly enrichment classes!

Repair Cafe

Redbridge Council rented our repair kits to be used by children attending their community repair cafe!


Do the kits differ for different age groups?

Our kits have been designed for children aged 10-14. Having tested it with hundreds of children in this age bracket, we’ve found that the practical skill of repair is enjoyed by all, and something that most children, even the older ones, have never tried before! We do tailor the complexity of the science content accompanying each kit to the age group though, to keep it challenging but doable for everyone.

How long does it take for a class to complete a kit?

The core repair has been designed to be around 1-2 hours long, with up to 2 hours of extension activities. However, this can be tailored to your school/group’s need, and can be lengthened or shortened by adjusting the different activities that are within the session.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! Our classroom kits for orders of 10+ are at a discounted price compared to our at-home subscription. Further discounts are applied based on how many sessions of the programme you run, and larger orders. Request a quote for more details!

Is this available internationally?

Our classroom kits are not yet available outside of the UK. We are working hard to make this happen as soon as possible, so sign up to our educators mailing list to stay up to date!

Can the topics in kits be tailored to my lessons?

Our kits are aligned with the British upper KS2/KS3 science curriculum, covering a variety of topics. Let us know what topics you are looking to teach and we will inform you which kit is most suitable.

Do the kits need to be returned?

Yes! All kits are returned to us after use so that we can re-break them for another class to use. They must be serviced by a member of our team to ensure quality assurance and safety of the gadgets. The return packaging and postage label is all included with the kits.

Does the session leader / teacher need any prior knowledge of repair?

No prior knowledge is required from the session leader! We provide training videos and a practice kit for you to get ready for the session. We will also provide lesson plans, worksheets, extension activities, and step-by-step instructions to help you lead the session.

I would love to take part, but my school/organisation does not have the budget.

We can provide letters of support and advice for grant funding applications. We are also constantly looking for ways to support underfunded schools by partnering with sponsoring companies. Get in touch at and let’s talk!

Are you a company that wants to sponsor a class to learn STEM and repair? Get in touch at!

More questions?

Ask us anything at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.